Celebrating Christmas with Understanding

Topic: Celebrating Christmas with Understanding
Text: Isaiah 9:6
Preacher: PICP Amos Emovon

It is possible to do a thing and not know why you are doing it. You might be celebrating Christmas without understanding the real reason for celebrating.

From the passage reading, His name shall be called;
• Wonderful – He is a wonderful father;
• Counsellor – that means He would never give you a wrong counsel nor lead you astray;
• The Mighty God- He will make you mighty;
• Everlasting Father – Whatever He has done in your life will be permanent;
• Prince of Peace – When He has blessed you, your life cannot be in pieces.

Christmas means different things to different people. To some, it is a period to:
1. To relax or it is a holiday period.
2. To enjoy one – self.
3. Buy and wear new clothes.
4. Being in fun places etc.

However, the real reason we are celebrating is:

1. God’s Miracle: – Jesus, the subject of Christmas was born through God’s miracle. His birth was not an ordinary birth. When celebrating Christmas, know that are celebrating the uniqueness of God. He is a unique God; He can’t be compared to any other gods (Matthew 1:20). No other person has ever been conceived by the Holy Ghost. This is what makes God stand out and what makes Him distinct. Christmas should remind us that we serve a God of miracle. Are you in need of a miracle? God can give it to you. May this Christmas bring your miracle. His miracle can conquer any natural order of things; his miracle brings joy, peace, happiness, satisfaction etc.

2. In celebrating Christmas, we are celebrating a life of purpose. Jesus was not born for the sake of being born (Matthew 1:21). He was born for a purpose. When we celebrate Christmas, we should bear in mind that we are celebrating a life of purpose. Jesus knew His purpose (Luke 19:10). He pursued his purpose vigorously and achieved His purpose. He came to destroy the works of the devil (1 John 3:8). He came to bring light. Christmas is a time to remind us of our purpose on earth. Ask yourself, ‘what is your purpose on earth and diligently try to fulfill it Jesus came to reconnect the disconnected and to connect those who have never been connected. If you are disconnected from Him, you are not celebrating the true reason about Christmas. Christ wasn’t born for us to eat rice or wear new clothes but for us to be reconnected to God.

3. When we celebrate Christmas, we celebrate a life of Sacrifice. It is a period to experience the sacrifice of the birth and life of Jesus. Joseph had to sacrifice His feelings, thought and desire for the for the will of God (Matthew 1:18-24). Joseph and Mary sacrificed to make sure Jesus was born (Matthew 2:13 – 15).
What’s your level of sacrifice? Jesus sacrificed by paying the ultimate price (John 19:20). We ought to sacrifice worldly pleasures for righteousness. Sacrifice your time to be in church or to evangelize.

Father in every way I have not been living a life of sacrifice, I am very sorry, please help me to live a life of sacrifice.

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